Back in a BIG way

Howdy heat lovers, we’re back in a big(ly) way.  I got a late start on the season, but I decided to only grow one new variety this year:  the Carolina Reaper.   That’s right, the hottest stable pepper variety in the world.  I also dug out some seeds I bought a couple years ago: the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.  They have been in the shed for a couple years, but stored in ziplocs, so hopefully they are still good.  I sewed the seeds on 4/25/2017, and as of this writing (5/1/2017) there are no sprouts, but I will make a post as soon as something pops up.

Below are some shots of the seed starting process.  I’m using both the jiffy pod, and paper towel in ziploc method.  We will see who wins the race.







And now, the annual state of the farm visual address:

Up first is an old plant, started in 2013 (I think).  Notice the big exposed roots, this is turning into a bonsai style plant


Here we have a ripe Scotch Bonnet


These next three are from the same plant, I believe a 7 pot Jonah or Trinidad Doughlah, either way, very hot and a very hardy plant




Below are a couple shots of the Thai Bird Pepper plant, these little peppers grow straight up towards the sky.  In the second image, you can see one pepper has “speared” the flower it grew from and is wearing it like a crown.



I have a couple nice Pablanos coming in, although I really need to re-pot this plant into a larger container for it to produce well


This Serrano plant was actually started from a cutting (as opposed to a seed) a friend gave me, it is very bountiful



That’s all for now, but strap in, because we are in for a wild ride with the Carolina Reapers!

Stay spicy amigos


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