Graduation Day


Just a little status update.  The young plants have graduated from solo cups, to slightly larger plastic pots.  The older plants are starting to produce pods, but nothing ripe yet.  I have some purple jalapenos, kung paos, and a couple types of super hots producing pods.  I can’t quite remember the varieties of super hots, but I’m pretty sure they are naga moriches and maybe trinidad doughlaghs.  I’m going to have to look back to some old posts once the peppers ripen to identify them.

Photos below with some commentary.  I’ll make another post once things start to ripen!


The 2016 crop in their new larger homes.  I “topped” most of them last week, and you will see the new growth sprouting in the pictures below


Above you can see where I cut the main stalk at the top.  This allows more light to the lower stem, and causes new growth to branch out.  This makes for a bushier plant, that is capable of producing more peppers since it will have more branches


Another plant that was topped.  The new growth comes very fast.


This is a Purple Tiger, very pretty leaves.  This one is branching out quite nicely as well.


Purple Jalapeno


Purple Jalapeno


Kung Pao, these will turn bright red, they also get pretty long, around 8 inches


Mystery super hot, I’m thinking this is a Naga Morich or Naga Viper


Another mystery, I believe it is a Trinidad Doughlah.  Notice the bumpy skin.

That’s all for today folks, keep it ripe and stay spicy!

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