They’re getting a little bit ripe

Howdy heat lovers!

Sorry its been so long, but I find unripe peppers boring.  I figured I’d wait til I had a nice batch of ripe ones to show you.  Now is that time.

I’ve got ripe examples of all varieties, except the Scotch Bonnet, which has not produced a pod yet.  The plant looks good, and is flowering, so hopefully soon.  Good things…

Well lets get on with it.

First up is a bright red 7 Pot Jonah:


Then we have some Golden Cayennes


And how about some lovely Chocolate Fataliis?


Still hungry for more? Fear not, there is a Purple Jalepeno to fill you


And then a bush full of adorable little Thai Bird peppers! Can’t wait to cook with these!


As you can see, all the plants are doing well.  We’ve had some extreme heat lately, a month of every day at 95+  needless to say, I’ve been keeping them well hydrated.

I’ll keep em coming as they ripen up!

Stay spicy amigos

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