Peppers Popping

Hola Amigos!

The pepper farm is flush with peppers, and more are on the way!  I’ve been getting good harvests from the older plants (Moruga Scorpion and Naga Morich), and I’m seeing the first pods from a couple of the new plants.  I’ve got a few Kung Paos and and a few Hungarian Waxes coming along nicely.  I also moved some plants into bigger containers.  The Purple Jalapenos are looking absolutely majestic, I can’t wait to let them flower once they get a little bigger.  I’ve also been making some small batches of hot sauce, I’ll do a dedicated post on that once I get a good recipe down.  That’s my update for now, check out the photos below!

Stay Spicy!

Here’s my first big harvest of the season, most of the scorpions went into a sriracha style hot sauce


Here is a few shots of the “purplest” Purple Jalapeno, it’s stunning




My lone Scotch Bonnet is looking good as well, here you can see I’m going with the Dollar General reusable shopping bags as my grow bags.  For $1 a piece, I can’t find a better option.


And now, some of the first pods from the new varieties, Kung Pao and Hungarian Wax (respectively)



Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “Peppers Popping

  1. Bob Bedell

    I am looking to purchase fresh bhut and trinidad peppers. Do you have any available? Do you know of any other growers that might? I make dry spices and relish with them.


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