Pictures say 1,000 words

Hi-ho there pepper friends!

I’m gonna keep the word count low and the pixel count high today.  Not much to say really, all the pepper plants are doing great.  The old plants are starting to produce ripe peppers, some of the new ones are in larger containers, but most are still in solo cups.  I’ll need to repot again soon.

This is one of the purple jalapenos, look how beautiful that color is



Some nice ripe scorpion and naga peppers



The older plants are full of peppers


And here are some of the bigger new plants in larger containers

_MG_0978 _MG_0979 _MG_0980 _MG_0981 _MG_0982 _MG_0983

And some still in solo cups


“green jalapenos” looking good, perfect bacon delivery devices


And some different perspectives



That’s it for today, stay spicy!

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