Census Time

Well chile peeps, its time to get a count of the plants.  All have sprouted that will sprout, so we’ll grow what we got.  My 2nd batch of seeds wasn’t as bountiful as the first.  I let the jiffy pods get a little drier than I should have, but I still have at least one of all varieties I planted, so I’m ok with it.

Here is the official census of April 2015:

Kung Pao: 4

Chocolate Fatalii: 4

Purple Jalapeno: 4

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (overwintered): 2

Naga Morich (overwintered): 2

7 pot Jonah: 2

Trinidad Doughlah: 2

Pablano: 2

Golden Cayenne: 2

Jalapeno (overwintered): 1

Thai Bird: 1

Hungarian Wax: 1

Peruvian Aji: 1

Scotch Bonnet: 1

That’s 29 total plants!  I should have my hands full this season to say the least.

The older overwintered plants are doing fine as well, they continue to grow, but the ones that I didn’t prune back have a lingering spider mite infestation.  It doesn’t seem to be seriously affecting the plant growth, but I’m trying to get rid of them either way.  I’ve sprayed them down a few times with a mixture of Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap and water.  The mites hate the soap, or so I’ve heard.  They also hate moist environments, and we just had a whole week of rain, so here’s hoping they don’t stick around.  Below you can see a hint of webbing:


Here’s a shot of the first round of new plants:


And here I put the finest examples of each variety up front, from left to right they are: Thai Bird, Hungarian Wax, Kung Pao, Chocolate Fatalii, 7 Pot Jonah, and Trinidad Doughlah


I’ve got the 3 new Purple Jalapenos, and a baby Scotch Bonnet for your viewing pleasure as well:



I’ll probably need to start pruning/topping the largest new plants soon, and then start potting them up into their permanent containers.  And then deciding which ones I need to put up for adoption, 29 plants is alot of mouths to feed!

Stay Spicy!

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