Buds, Flowers, and… Peppers?

Greeting pepper fans,

Its been a while since the last update because frankly, not much has happened.  I know that’s boring, but it’s a good boring.  The plants have just been growing, and they are quite big and healthy.  But now, we have something.  The plants are all putting out buds, flowers, and as of now one potential pepper pod has formed!

Below is the farm, as you can see some of the new plants are almost as big as the cayennes.  


Here’s a shot that shows how many buds and flowers are popping up on the biggest Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plant:


Here’s a good look at a flower:


And a potential pod, that little straight thing poking out is usually a sign that the flower was pollinated and has dropped off, and a pod is coming!


So things are happening!  I’m keeping a close eye, and I’ll post another update, hopefully with a baby pepper!

Thanks for reading, stay spicy!!

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