Things are growing

Greetings and salutations, the pepper farm is doing its job, things are growing.

Since the last update everything has been good, no tragedy to speak of.

The 5 “Superhot” plants are growing nicely (3 Naga Morich, 2 Butch T Scorpion).  The Carribean Red is producing nice pods, no ripe ones yet though.  I did get to try the first ripe pod from my Bastard Scorpion plant, it was a little spicier than the one I got to try at the end of last season, about the heat of a Jalapeno.

Speaking of Jalapenos, that plant is doing much better after a re-potting,  It was looking diseased and had brown spots on all of the leaves.  I re-potted it in a Dollar General re-usable shopping bag.  This is a $1 alternative to more expensive “Smart Pots” which allow the roots of the plant to self prune for a healthier root system.

Also, I was cleaning up around the house, and upon opening the seed starting greenhouse, I found 2 more Naga Morich plants had sprouted!  A pleasant surprise, I’d estimate they took 25+ days to germinate when the others took 9-10.  They are sitting on the ground outside, and seem to be doing ok.  I’m going to see if they can survive being raised in less protected conditions.

Below are pictures, enjoy!

Here is a sequence showing the growth of the 5 super hots (from oldest to most recent):

20140605_122737 20140615_122921 20140615_170915 20140618_183204 20140620_074207

As you can see, they look very healthy!  I will probably move them to their final containers, the grow bags, in the coming week.

Below is the Jalapeno plant in one of these bags, you’ll notice in the 2nd photo that after a couple weeks, there is alot of new growth sprouting



And here are the 2 “volunteer” Naga Morich plants:


A look at the Caribbean Red’s unripe pod, I assume they will turn red


And some shots of the Bastard Scorpion, it was pleasantly spicy, and should be useful in the kitchen:





And the Cayenne’s are still rocking of course!


That’s all I got for now.  Next steps are to re-pot the super-hots and keep them healthy and growing,  I’ll also be working my way up the heat ladder when the Carribean Reds ripen, gotta get my body ready for the Nagas and Scorps!

Vaya con dias


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