Tragedy Strikes

Dark days indeed.

Well, not that dark, but unfortunate.  I lost a few plants due to underwatering.  There are survivors.  There is hope.

I came home to this horrific scene yesterday:


As you can see, it looked like all but a couple were goners.  If I was crushed after the seed fiasco last season, I’m at an all time low when I see this.

After some water, some more recovered than I expected.



Now I am left with 2 Moruga Scorpions and 3 Naga Morich’s.  I don’t have much room for error.  The crop has thinned.

I have re-potted the survivors into solo cups, hopefully they extra soil can hold more water and the plants can go longer in between waterings.  I will also start moving them outside slowly, giving them only a half hour of sun to start and then gradually increasing.

The 2 Scorpions:20140602_175126


The 3 Nagas:




And all the cups, still under lights:


Outside, there are cayenne’s ripening, last years “pseudo-scorpion” plant looking good, the new Carribean Red plant getting bigger, a cat, and some cucumbers that are going to take over my yard.  Respectively:





That’s all folks.  Water your plants.



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