Seeds Have Sprouted

The seeds have sprouted!  Mostly.

I saw the first pop up last Monday (5/12), but was heading out of town for business until Wednesday.  Sure enough, when I got back, I had a welcoming committee of seedlings!

The total count is 3 (and a half) Moruga Scorpions, and 6 Nagas.  I still have the cover on the greenhouse in case more decide to pop up.

I have the sprouts under lights, and am just starting to barely see some of the first true leaves forming.  Once they have 4 leaves on each plant, I’ll put them in solo cups and start moving them outdoors.

This is what I saw Monday:



And then Wednesday:


My very professional lighting set up:


A better view of the plants:


No much to see yet, but keep watching them grow with me!  Adios

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