We have pods!

Howdy heat lovers,

I’m proud to say I have a few nice little pods (baby peppers) on the plants!

I also re-potted most of them.  They should all really be in larger pots, but since winter is coming, I will wait until next spring to put them in their full size containers for the next full growing season.

Check out the pics below! (captions below each)


Here you can see the first 2 pods on one plant.  No idea how long to expect in terms of ripe peppers, but they have been growing relatively fast despite the cooler weather.


These are the 2 plants that have the biggest pods.  I stopped pinching the buds off of these before the others, I thought the others needed to grow a bit more before producing.  


Here are the 3 other plants that were previously in very small containers, they should take off now with more space for roots.


Finally got these guys out of solo cups, they are my little bonsai peppers 🙂


The cayenne plants are so huge!  I might have to start making some decisions about space soon.

I did give one of the small trinidad scorpion plants to a good friend, so hopefully it does well for him.  I’m really going to have my hands full if I keep all of the 8 remaining!

That’s it pepper people, stay spicy!


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