Long Overdue Update!

Hey guys, sorry its been so long.  Fear not, the peppers are doing great.  Not much work on my part, just watering and the occasional dose of fertilizer (I’m using regular Miracle Gro now, but will probably switch to their Tomato Food soon).  I still have a few plants in solo cups, the others were moved into larger containers.  I will eventually have them in 5 gallon containers of some sort.

Here are the photo’s of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plants as they have gown over the last month+


As you can see they are looking pretty healthy!  A couple of the bigger plants are starting to put out some buds.  The plants are still too young to produce much, so I will pinch these buds off so that the plants will use their energy to grow roots and leaves.  This will allow the peppers to produce much better when they have a bigger infrastructure to do so.

The other plants are doing well.  Its kind of hard to find a use for so many cayenne peppers, but i have dried some and pickled some.  Hot sauce is next, I will probably have enough ripe cayennes to make a big batch and can it in the next couple weeks.



October is right around the corner, hopefully there aren’t too many freezes this winter and the plants can get good sun even in the cooler weather.


Vaya con dios!

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