August is hot


Well not much to say about the weather here, just plain hot.  Let’s hope it translates to hotter peppers.  The Trinidad Scorpion peppers are doing just great, today I put them in their own solo cups, previously I had 2 per cup.  They are outside full time now, and get sun from about 2 til 5 on the back porch.  You’ll also be happy to see that I finally figured out how to switch my camera (phone) to Macro mode, so no more blurry close ups!  I’m still messing with the setting so bear with me.  Without further ado, the peppers:


Much crisper, ey


Also, the cayenne ripening is upon us!


Plenty o jalapenos too


That’s about it.  Stay tuned for some cayenne pepper drying and crushing, and some hot sauce!

Stay spicy amigos

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