Can you feel the heat?

Good tidings all, I just have a quick update today.  My little baby Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plants are growing up!  Only one of the seedlings from the greenhouse starter died, and I’m not sure why, but the others are doing great!  No luck with the paper towel in ziploc method, so I won’t be doing that again.

Enough of my rambling, here are the plants:


That makes 9 plants.  I’m leaving them outside now, and gradually increasing the duration of direct sunlight.  You can see the texture on the leaves, definitely looking like a scorpion, so now I’m not as worried I was sent the wrong seeds (fingers still crossed).



That’s the state of the farm.  All the other plants are doing well, I even have about a dozen golf ball sized tomatoes on the plant!  The cayennes are still green, but a few are starting to ripen.  

Stay tuned, I’ll probably put each scorpion plan in its own cup soon, and I’ll be making hot sauce once I get a good amount of ripe cayennes.

Hasta luego





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