Signs of Life

Wow, what a weekend!

I took a pilgrimage to hot sauce mecca, and whence I returned, the pepper gods being pleased, doth bestowed upon me the gift of seedlings!


After only 5 days the first seedlings are sprouting!  The white specs you see are actually tiny little stems.  I’m taking this a sign of my dedication to the spicy, and not a sign that I was shipped the wrong seeds (stay positive people).  Once they get a little bigger I will move them into a separate container and start getting them some window-sill sun.  

As I mentioned, the little lady and I took a day trip to the valhalla of hot sauce:


Avery Island, LA is the birth place of Tobasco sauce, and home to a huge pepper farming operation.  Unfortunately the pepper farm was off limits, but we took a nice little tour of the factory and saw how the hot sauce was made.  They ferment/age that stuff for 3 years, I won’t have that kind of patience!

There were some token pepper plants spread around the grounds we were allowed to access (look closely to the right of sign in the picture above), here is what the unripe tobascos look like up close:


That is one bushy plant, and probably several years old!

Around here, the cayenne and cajun belle’s are ripening nicely:


I’m hoping to see some more sprouts this week, so stay tuned as I might go ahead and move some of the early ones into a new container.  Exciting stuff.

Also, I’m going to test my patience and see if I can let a few jalapenos turn red so I can make a hot sauce with them and some cayennes.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

Stay true to the path of the spicy, friends




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