Sewing Seeds

I ordered seeds for the Scorpions from Amazon, hopefully from a good source.  I also saved seeds from a recently harvested Cajun Belle pepper.  I currently have 1 jalapeno, 2 cayenne, and  1 cajun belle pepper plant in pots on the patio.  I bought these plants from local home improvement stores in the spring.  Jalapeno a few months ago:


*Ignore the hibiscus marker.  Plant shenanigans.

I am trying 2 separate methods for germination:  wet paper towel in ziploc, and jiffy greenhouse



I am putting both types of seeds in ziplocs and in the greenhouse, hopefully to see if one or the other works better.  The greenhouse uses “peat-pods” that are the light brown discs in the picture above.  When water is added they puff up and become little pods of peat that the seeds are sewn in.


Once the seeds are sewn, a cover is placed over the whole apparatus to keep a nice moist environment.  Super-hot peppers such as the Moruga Scorpions like to germinate in temperatures around 85 degrees, so I have stored both ziplocs and the greenhouse in my outdoor laundry room.  The room is not air-conditioned, has only one small window, and has a hot water heater, so I think it should be ideal.  This time of year the highs are mid-90s and lows are upper 70s, so I am hopeful the room will stay near a good temperature for this purpose.


I may have captured a ghost in the picture, anyhow the greenhouse is up on a shelf, away from light (that is a northward facing window) and plenty warm.


Now, we wait.  Super-hots usually take 3 weeks or more to germinate.  I expect the Cajun Belles to germinate in 1-2 weeks.  

I will provide updates on my other plants this week as well, so stay tuned, and stay spicy.



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